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At long last, with iOS 11, Apple finally introduced screen recording facilities but this doesn’t help users who are still on iOS 9. Many of the screen recording apps have now been removed from the app store too so there are even fewer options for those on the earlier iOS version. Until now, Cydia would have been a requirement to download any decent screen recorder but now AirShou has been made available to all users without Cydia and it supports iOS 9.

airshou ios 9

With AirShou, you get a whole host of useful features, including full HD recording. For more details of what AirShou offers, check out this link and keep reading to see how to install AirShou on iOS 9.

AirShou on iOS 9 :

When Apple released iOS 9, things began to get more complex in terms of security and new features. In a bid to protect their users, Apple introduced several new features, including the following:

ios 9 icon

  • Content Blockers – Extensions added to Safari to allow users full control over the content that is loaded and this provides an extra layer of security and privacy.
  • Improved Battery Life – Apple has improved battery life; less power is used by apps and a Low-Power mode protects data when the battery has little charge left.
  • Improvements to Search and Siri – Siri gets another update, this time using context awareness to make search results more intelligent and also includes the ability to type rather than speak your request.
  • Breadcrumb Trails – With a tiny string of text, users can now easily return to a previous app.
  • App Slimming – Instead of installing an entire app on your device, App Slimming allows just the assets required by your specific device to be installed.

AirShou has full support for iOS 9 which may surprise some users, given the security updates. However, given that AirShou no longer requires Cydia, that means it no longer needs to delve deep into the iOS to find the tools to work. Instead, although it isn’t an official app, it works in the same way as one does without breaking the security in place.

How to Install AirShou on iOS 9 :

AirShou is not an official app so it doesn’t appear in the app store. However, by installing the configuration file directly onto your device, you can install it quite easily. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Open Safari browser on your device and then go to this ( link )
  2. On the loaded page, find the link to Install and tap it. This is the only way to allow the profile to install
  3. After the installation is complete , go to Settings > General > Profile > “Profile Name of Developer ” and tap on Trust as shown here airshou profile trust
  4. AirShou will now be installed to your device and the icon will appear on your homepage airshou icon small
  5. If the installation doesn’t appear successful, repeat these steps again, carefully.

How to Delete AirShou :

Not all users will want AirShou and some users have found that the easiest way to deal with errors n AirShou is to delete it and reinstall. Deleting AirShou is really quite simple; it doesn’t take long, your device is restored to the way it was and then you can install AirShou again using the steps above. Find out how to delete AirShou by clicking this link.

Common Installation Errors :

While most people have been able to install and use AirShou without any problems, there are some common installation errors that we have been told of. These errors are not difficult to fix, they are just an irritation. Visit this page to find out more about these common installation errors and how to solve them.

AirShou Alternatives :

Screen recorders are always useful and AirShou is just one. If you want to try something a little different, then have a look at one of these two alternatives:

  • EveryCord

everycord small 120px

Like AirShou, EveryCord was once only found in Cydia but, while it was a much-downloaded app, eventually the developers removed it and it remained unavailable for some time. Now its back and its bigger and better than ever before.  It works on all iOS versions and devices, it no longer needs a jailbreak to work and it is packed with features, especially for those on iOS 9 or higher. Full 1080p 60fps video recording with high quality stereo sound recording allows you produce professional looking videos that you can keep or share with others and with very simple recording controls, EveryCord is a user-friendly app. Find out how to download EveryCord by clicking the link.

Other Screen Recorders :

Will you be installing AirShou ? Give it a try, see how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more updates and developer news.


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