AirShou Screen Recorder App

One of the most popular of all the screen recorder apps is one called AirShou. Originally released as a jailbreak-only screen recorder but now anyone can download it without needing to install Cydia first. 


This mobile screen recorder is Free to download, it works on both iOS and Android and is packed with features. The is a simple app to download and use.

Download AirShou

Supported iOS Firmware’s :

For the Android platform, there are APK files. Get the APK files for installation below.

Android APK

How to Use AirShou Screen Recorder App :

As we said earlier, using this app really is quite easy. Once you have downloaded it follow these steps:

  1. Open the recording app by tapping the icon on your home screen. You will see a record button on the screen; tap to start recording. Note that you can also customize the resolution settings to your preferences.  airshou home
  2. Go back to your Settings, switch on Mirroring and start Airplay, recording can now beginairshou_iphone
  3. When you have finished recording, tap the Stop button on the app screen airshou_screen_recording
  4. Review your recording; if you are happy with it, save it somewhere on your device. 

As you can see, AirShou Screen Recorder app is really quite simple to use and you can produce high-quality professional looking and sounding videos very quickly. You won’t find a better screen recorder anywhere else so download the app and start recording!

Recorder Features :

  • It works on all iOS devices on iOS 7 or above
  • The app does not take up much space on your device nor does it use very much memory, making it one of the most effective and efficient of all screen recorder apps
  • This app can be used for all your screen recording needs, be it a single screenshot, a presentation video, a how-to video or anything else that you might want to record.
  • Record video at 1080p at up to 60 fps 
  • Stereo sound is available to add if you want it
  • On-screen start-stop controls make Air Shou one of the simplest screen recorders to use.

Popular Alternatives :

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No Jailbreak Required : no jailbreak airshou

So how does Air Shou work, given that it is a third-party app? This app now does not require Cydia to work which means it also doesn’t require root access to iOS. This means it breaks none of the security chains or rules that Apple has in place and works much the same way as any standard app store app does.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

Apple doesn’t really like custom content like this 3rd party Screen Recorder and will throw up all sorts of obstacles to stop you using it. The Untrusted Developer error is just one of those, preventing you from using the app until you fix it. That is easy to do:

  1. Open iOS settings from your iOS device
  2. Tap General, go into Profiles and tap the app profile name
  3. Tap on the Trust button
  4. Close Settings, go back to your app and the error will be gone
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