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AirShou offers Full HD screen recording at up to 60 fps along with the addition of stereo recording to make your videos truly professional.

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Find out more about the screen recorder app at the link and read on to find out how it works on iOS 12.

Download AirShou on iOS 12 :

Installing AirShou on iOS 12 requires you to install the configuration profile first. This might sound complicated but it isn’t, provided you follow the steps as described below.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Link 3

Download Link 4

Download Link 5

  1. Through the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad tap on the download link above
  2. Wait until the the app information page loads and then tap the link to Install the profile
  3. After you have installed the app , go to Settings > General > Profile > “Profile Name of Developer ” and tap on Trust as shown below airshou profile trust
  4. Wait until the app has trusted and you will see the app icon on your home page  
  5. If the icon is not there, you must do these steps again
  6. Start recording your iPhone airshou home

How to Delete :

AirShou is a great screen recorder but some people have come up against a few issues that can only be fixed by deleting the recorder app and reinstalling it. This is quite simple to do, takes very little time and will restore your device to the way it was before the app was installed. Visit this page to find out how to delete this app from your device.

Fix Installation Errors :

Some of the more common issues that people face with Air Shou happen at installation. These are nothing to worry about; they are easy to solve and, in many cases, can be prevented altogether. Find out what these errors are and how to fix them by visiting this page.

Alternative Apps :

everycord small 120px

One of the more popular alternatives to AirShou is called EveryCord, an app that provides more than just full HD video recording. When you have created your video, you can take advantage of some pretty cool editing features, like adding dubbing or subtitles by swiping your finger across the screen, adding a movie effect to your creation and much more besides. With full support for Android too, EveryCord is proving very popular so click the link and get the details on how to download EveryCord on your device.

Other Screen Recorders :

Are you going to try AirShou ? It is one of the best screen recorders available to us and won’t cost you anything to download and use. Let us know what you think of this screen recording app and stay updated with all the developer news by following us on Facebook.

Fix Recorder App Crashing Problem :

When you install any 3rd party app and use it, because it is not an official app, Apple will do everything in their power to stop you. Without warning, they will revoke the app certificate and rash the app; the only way to get everything back is to reinstall it but you can do something to stop it happening in the first place – use one of the recommended VPNs alongside your modified app. Your certificates will not be revoked because Apple can’t track where they came from, leaving you to enjoy the screen recorder in peace.

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