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AirShou Screen Recorder is one of the most used apps of its type; at one time you needed to jailbreak your iPhone to get it but now we can all download AirShou, regardless of whether we have a jailbroken phone or not, taking full advantage of some of the coolest screen recording features.

airshou ios 10

You can find out more ( about ) AirShou by visiting the link and read on to find out how AirShou works on iOS 10 and how to download it.

How to Install AirShou on iOS 10 :

Installing AirShou on IOS 10 can be done in two ways, both slightly complex methods but easy enough to follow:

Method 1: Configuration Profile Installation


  1. Opening the Safari browser, tap the download button above.
  2. Let the AirShou page load and then tap Allow ,  this is the only way to install the configuration profileAirshou app_installing
  3. After the download is complete , go to Settings > General > Profile > “Profile Name of Developer ” and tap on Trust as shown here airshou profile trust
  4. When the installation is done, you will see the AirShou icon on your homepage and you can start recording your screen very easily  airshou icon small
  5. If the icon doesn’t show up, you may have missed a step and must repeat the steps once more.

Method 2: IPA Download

AirShou IPA ( 16.1MB )

  1. Check to see if you are running an up to date version of iTunes by opening iTunes, clicking Help > Check for Updates
  2. On your PC or Mac, download Cydia Impactor from here
  3. Then download the AirShou .ipa file from above button
  4. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and open Cydia Impactor
  5. Let it detect your device and then open the .ipa
  6. Drag it to the Cydia Impactor window and drop it in cydia-impactor-
  7. Input your Apple credentials, click on OK. Note; if you are using a free account the certificate will expire after 7 days and you will need to start again; with a developer account, there is no expiry
  8. When you see the Expired Certificates warning message, click on OKbatch_airshou_profile
  9. Cydia Impactor will retrieve the certificate and sign it; this may take a while so be patient.
  10. When the installation is done, the AirShou icon will be on your home screen
  11. Next, open your Settings app, tap General and then Profile & Device Management
  12. Find the AirShou app certificate in the list and tap it, tap on Trust, close settings and you can start using AirShou. airshou home

How to Delete AirShou :

If you find that you need to delete AirShou from your device for any reason, you will find it very easy and your device will be put back to how it was before. You can find out how to delete AirShou by clicking on the link.

Common Installation Errors :

There are one or two common errors that you might encounter when you install AirShou but, while none are serious, they are irritating. You can find out more about these errors and how to easily solve them by clicking visiting this page.

Alternative to AirShou :

EveryCord :

everycord small 120px

If AirShou isn’t for you or doesn’t offer what you want, try EveryCord. EveryCord is another popular screen recorder that used to be in Cydia and can now be installed on all devices. It has plenty of useful features, including an auto compression features so you can store more videos on your device, as well as high-quality video recording and much more.

Other Screen Recorders :

AirShou is an excellent choice of screen recorder, whether you want a screenshot or a full-on video with sound; AirShou caters to your choices. Don’t miss out, download it for free today and try it. For more AirShou updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

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