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AirShou is a popular name as far as screen recorders go. It is well known for being a screen recorder released outside Apple AppStore.

air_shou icon

AirShou is now available for all users to download without jailbreaking ; it’s “FREE”, it’s simple to use and it works on all devices on iOS 7 and above.

How to Download AirShou :

There are two ways to download AirShou; choose one of these guides:

Method 1: iOS

All iOS users can download AirShou on any device from iOS 7 or higher. The app was redesigned for those on iOS 9 or above with extra features that aren’t supported on lower versions of the firmware.

Tap on the download button below to install directly on your iOS device from TweakBox app . The full step by step download ( guide ) can be found at the link .

Download ( 17.6MB )

Method  3 : AirShou APK

airshou android

The developers of AirShou opted to share their app with Android users too, giving them the chance to use a decent screen recorder rather than what their app store offers. Find the steps to install the apk file in this android ( tutorial ) here .

AirShou APK ( 8.4MB )

AirShou Screen Recorder Features :

AirShou is full of cool features to give you a user experience second to none:

  • It uses very little memory and processor resources making it an efficient screen recorder
  • Screen recording at up to Full HD at 60fps  record-option-in-airshou
  • You can add stereo recording to make your videos more professional
  • Record anything you want , screenshots, how-to videos, presentations, etc.
  • Simple instructions for use ,  see below
  • Works on all iOS 7 to iOS 12 devices with extra features added for iOS 9 or higher
  • Also compatible with Android

How to Use AirShou  App :

As we said earlier, using AirShou really is quite easy. Once you have downloaded it follow these steps:

  1. Before you can use AirShou, the application needs to be trusted. This is easy enough to do; open Settings and then Tap on Profile and you will get a list of all the app profiles on your device. Find AirShou and tap on it then tap Trust. Confirm and then you can exit Settings.  airshou_profile
  2. Open AirShou by tapping the icon on your home screen. You will see a record button on the screen; tap to start recording. Note that you can also customize the resolution settings to your preferences. airshou_safari_ios_11
  3. Go back to your Settings, switch on Mirroring and start Airplay , recording can now begin
  4. When you have finished recording, tap the Stop button on the app screen
  5. Review your recording; if you are happy with it, save it somewhere on your device.

As you see, AirShou really is quite simple to use and you can produce high-professional looking and sounding videos very quickly. You won’t find a better screen recorder anywhere else so download AirShou and start recording !

AirShou Alternatives :

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    1. it is the same method as in iOS 10 and iOS 11, tap the download link or use the ipa file to install using Cydia Impactor. Thanks

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