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AirShou has always been a top contender for the best screen recorder app, given the features it offers. Once only available in Cydia, AirShou can now be downloaded by anyone and offers full HD recording, simple on-screen controls, audio, and a great deal more besides. But it may have a little competition – a new app called Vidiyu that offers a lot of unique features for a screen recorder app. vidiyu logo 2

Read on for more details about the app and what you can do with it.

What is Vidiyu ?

Vidiyu is one of the best solutions we have right now for editing media content. As well as using your device camera to take video, you can record sound and then trim or mix everything into one file. Sound good? Some of the features that this app offers include:

  • Using your iPhone or iPad camera to shoot video
  • Capture audio from the built-in microphone, or any other type of media input on the device
  • Add music or audio to videos using a full set of mixing volumes
  • Trim feature helps you to trim up your audio files exactly as you want
  • All your media can be recorded and managed through one app
  • Mix and combine any audio you record, audio from your library, recorded videos, videos already on your device and live microphone audio.
  • Available for all iOS devices on iOS 8 or later

Download Vidiyu :

You could go to the iOS app store and download the app but it would set you back $4.99 on ( iTunes ). Instead, download a Cydia alternative called TweakBox app and get Vidiyu for free, along with a whole heap of other apps and games that you can’t get elsewhere :

Download Link

  1. Go to and download TweakBox app onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  2. Tap the icon on your home screen to open the app and search for the app
  3. Tap the result that goes with your device or click on the download button above.
  4. When the installation has completed, the app icon will be on your home screen – before you use it, open Settings
  5. Tap General > Profiles and Trust the profile
  6. Now you can use the app for free on your device

We are always going to need screen recorder apps and this app offers a unique experience. Using TweakBox app installer means you can get the app for free so download it and try it for yourself. For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

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