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While Apple has finally given in and provides us with screen recording facilities on iOS 11 on-wards , they are only very basic ones. Most people want more from their screen recorder and that’s why we turn to the likes of AirShou, one of the most popular external screen recording apps ever, with full support upto iOS 12 firmware .

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AirShou on iOS 12 and below is working reliably and securely because it doesn’t need root access and doesn’t break through the iOS security.

How to Install AirShou on iOS :

This is very easy to do and you have a choice of two methods; pick the one that suits you and follow the instructions carefully:

Method 1: Configuration Profile


  1. Open Safari and tap on the button above from TweakBox appstoreAirshou app_installing
  2. Go to your home page and the app will be installing; tap the app to see progress. It will take a few minutes and can be paused and restarted.
  3. When AirShou has finished installing, open Settings > General > Profile
  4. Find the AirShou profile, tap it and tap Trust airshou profile trust
  5. Close Settings, go to your home screen and the AirShou icon will be visible; tap it to start using it. airshou icon small

Method 2: .IPA File Download

IPA ( 17MB )

  1. Using your computer browser, go to and choose Mac or PC to download
  2. Next, download the AirShou IPA file from the downoad button above.
  3. Connect your computer and iOS device and then open Cydia Impactor  
  4. Check your device has been recognized and drag the AirShou IPA file into Cydia Impactor
  5. Sign in using your Apple ID, click OK on the warning for Expired Certificates and wait while the file is signed
  6. Once AirShou is installed, open Settings > General > Profiles
  7. Find the AirShou certificate, tap it and tap Trust
  8. Close Settings and go to the home screen; tap the AirShou icon to start using it.

If your Apple ID is a free one you will need to repeat these steps every 7 days as the certificate will expire.

Delete AirShou :

Deleting AirShou is simple and there are several ways to do it; click the link for more details and a guide on how to do it.

iOS Installation Errors :

There are a couple of common installation errors with AirShou that are all simple to fix.  Full details can be found at the link below:

AirShou Alternative :

  • EveryCord

everycord small 120px

If you want something a bit different to AirShou, try EveryCord. Packed with features, EveryCord is also supported on iOS 12 and you can find more details, including a download guide at the link.

Other Screen Recorders :

AirShou is a popular screen recorder, giving users lots of useful features including stereo sound and full HD recording. It’s free so try it, tell us what you think and get all the latest developer updates by following us on Facebook.

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